Getting to grips with Mantle.

Create your first activity.

Creating activities allows your team to catch up on what you’ve been working on without the need to call a catch up and disturb your busy diaries.

These may be important conversations you’ve had over Email, Phone or Social Media. You can plan Meetings, Events, Video Conferences and Webinars ahead of time and add significant Outcomes or next steps.

Maybe you just want to Announce something important to your team, set a Milestone or simply create a Task List.

Best practices.

Mantle is at it’s most powerful when you link your communication and project activities to your strategic priorities, allowing you to understand what impact your work is creating and how it is affecting those. You can do this by Adding Outcomes to your activities.

You can further quantify the effort that went into the result by Adding Time and Costs. Take it a step further and Link Activity to previous interactions to build up a chain of events, giving a reflection of the true effort that goes into an outcome.

Add Attendees or @Mention your contacts to link your activity to their profile. When Share Your Activity with your contacts it will automatically add their associated organisations to the activity. If the activity relates to one of your projects, you can share an activity so it appears in the project feed too.

Adding Tags to your activities will allow you micro-analyse your impact. Whether that means identifying activity relating to a certain audience, locality, setting (or whatever you’d like to track!)

You can automate tags with Triggers, which will populate you activity with relevant tags based on a set of pre-defined “trigger” phrases. You can tags by using #hashtags in the descriptions, or simply choose from the full list of tags in your organisations tag library.

Assign next steps to your team mates using Sub-Tasks or simply add them as Collaborators to they stay up-to-date with comments and important updates.

How to create a contact.

Adding a contact creates a centralised feed for all interactions with someone. You can categorise how they fit into your network by Assigning an Interest Level, in whichever way you categorise your stakeholders. You can set a Target Contact Frequency (e.g. every 1 month) to remind the Key Relationship Holders when they need to touch-base to maintain the relationship.

Associating contacts with organisations they work for will automatically link interactions with their workplace, and perhaps more importantly, it will allow conversations with their colleague to appear in their feed – giving you the full picture and helping to prevent duplicate conversations.

You can store Contact Details to centralise information and help your marketing teams build targeted lists using the tag structures.

How Mantle is structured.

Activity is predominantly recorded against Contacts and Projects, these activities are grouped by their respective organisations and programmes.

A Programme is a group of projects, it collects all activity recorded to its projects into one feed, and aggregates quantitive data such as impact against priorities or time and costs.

An Organisation connects interactions with your contacts, sharing conversations taking place with their colleagues and preventing duplicated effort. Mantle will automatically connect your Contacts to their organisation based on their shared email domain, allowing you to analyse your relationship at a group level.

A Task is can be part of a To-Do List, or a step toward a Milestone, when associated with your projects, contacts and organisations Mantle creates an Objectives and Key Results platform within a CRM system… Pretty cool, huh?

Staying organised.

We recommend that you agree a “standard” for your team (i.e. what tag categories you want to record against your activities/contacts). This way everyone will be on the same page when it comes the information being recorded. A consistent set of data entered into the system will allow for strong reporting capabilities – with minimum data gathering!

Finally… Don’t panic!

At Mantle, we are heavily involved with the setup process to get you off to the best possible start. Once everything is loaded into the system this may highlight areas where you are missing information (whether that means contact details, relationship holders, or a contact frequency).

This is normal! The positive here is that Mantle is already discovering information which is not being shared throughout the team. By adding little details here and there as you notice they’re missing you will build a strong knowledge base and a centralise information for your team to access anywhere, any time, any place!

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