Trends that Non-profits should watch out for in 2021

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Not only did 2020 change history, but it also changed everyone’s New Year forecasts! The emerging trends that arose in 2020 should help you to identify where 2021 might take us. Just to rattle a few brain cells, here are a few trends that we think are in store for Non-profits this year.

Digital is here to stay:

The first lockdown in March 2020 forced many businesses to adapt to the situation by going online, some of whom did so very successfully, some of whom however struggled. The world was always heading towards a digital transformation however the COVID virus has been a catalyst to faster change in nearly every sector of business. This transformation has been much more difficult for non-profits as so much of their work involves being in their community and face-to-face interaction which is vital, as so much non-verbal communication can be lost over a phone call.

The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel, (be it a flickering flame in the wind!) and we hope that many Non-profit organisations will go back into the community and continue to drive the changes vital to their core goals. There is no reverse gear, virtual is here to stay and so it’s an ideal time to invest in your Non-profits digital presence, whether this is your website, social media presence, or your operating software. This key step of enhancing your digital experience for your non-profit can shape and intensify the message that you want your Non-profit to deliver.

Personalisation is Key: 

With the digital world is taking off, this gives Non-profits the opportunity to use their data from their online channels to personalise and create a connection with their community. This persona can also be used to appeal to donors. It is important that you use this data wisely and to your advantage so that you can appeal to your audience and create a bigger impact. You do not have to have just one persona either, your audience might consist of different segments, all of which might require different styles of engagement. So use this progression of digital data as an opportunity for personalisation.

Virtual Events:

2020 saw organisations getting very creative! Instead of having to cancel or postpone multiple events, businesses took a big leap of faith and went virtual, and the overall success of these events measured by their positive outcomes means that we can expect to see a repeat again this year. There are a number of benefits to hosting virtual events: they are easier to organise, more cost-effective, and can be accessible to a greater number of people. With the injection of technology and some personal creative thinking, there are endless ways you can reach your audience and maximise your engagement. There are also numerous platforms that will let you host your virtual event for free, take a look at them here.

Going Green

One of the biggest topics overarching all others is the environment. The phrases: Global warming, Carbon footprint, pollution of our seas and oceans are never far away from us in any media be it mainstream or social and the environment issue will definitely remain a hot topic in 2021. If you have already had thoughts about ways to make your Non-profit greener and more sustainable, then 2021 is the year to put these ideas into practice. Non-profits which not only make an impact in the community but are also sustainable and follow and promote green principles will find it a great way to attract a wider audience.

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