The Complete Resource Guide for Non-profits

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If you run a Non-profit, then you don’t need us to tell you that the purse strings are tight! This is why we have put together a blog filled with other organisations that help Non-profits with their day to day operations. This includes anything from HR to payroll! So we hope you enjoy our resource guide for Non-profits!

Legal Services for Non-profits

Nearly every aspect of setting up and running a voluntary sector organisation includes a legal component. This could be anything from employment law to tax registration. Although Google is great for sourcing information, sometimes you need to talk to a professional! Here are some organisations that can help.

Nonprofit Ally 



Office Space for Non-profits

With the world (very gradually) going back to normal, you may find that you and your team are ready to go back to working in an office environment. So when you are ready, we have some resources below that provide Non-profits with affordable workplaces.

Centric Projects

Connect Aid (application form for office space here)

3 Space (For office spaces in and around London)

Office Furniture for Non-profits

Office furniture is expensive! But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of places that offer good quality, second-hand furniture to Non-profits for free or at a discount. Here are a few to look at:

Green Furniture 


Collect Eco

Volunteers for Non-profits 

Whether its help for a campaign you are running or someone with a specific skill set you require, Non-profits often need some extra help in the form of volunteers. So here are some websites where you can find the right people to help your Non-profit organisation:

Charity Choice

Do It 

Reach Volunteering

Software and IT Support for Non-profits

When running a Non-profit, you will most certainly need software and IT support. Here are a few organisations that help Non-profits with the day-to-day running of their IT:

Our IT Department

Oh so technical 

IT Outcomes

HR Services for Non-profits

Many people assume that HR is just ‘firing and hiring’, however is it worth far more than this.

Your Non-profit’s most significant strength shouldn’t be your grant-writing skills or your strong donor base (although those are worth protecting, too). The secret weapon of any outstanding organisation is its employees. So having an HR plan is essential! Here are a few organisations that can help you with this:

PeoplePoint HR


Payroll Services for Non-profits

Many charities and Non-profit organisations have complex staffing and payroll structures, so it’s important that you are choosing a payroll service that can accommodate your organisation. Here are a few that can help:

FMP Global


Data Plan Charity

Nationwide Payroll 

Marketing for Non-profits

Marketing is a great tool that allows an organisation to spread their message and mission. Whether is some advice you need, or a digital agency, here are some resources that may help:

Coast Digital 



We hope our resource guide for Non-profits will help you with your journey!

For more blogs, tips and resources, all Non-profit related, please visit our Learning Hub.

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