Jolanda Konarska

4 SEO Tips you should follow as a Non-profit

SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential for all businesses that have a website. SEO is great for generating free traffic, which is something you want as a Non-profit! Especially as the purse strings are tight.You might be wondering, how will our SEO tips help your Non-profit?By getting your Non-profit’s website […]

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Why you should start a blog as a Non-profit

Have you been thinking of starting a Non-profit blog? Blogging is often an overlooked digital marketing tool that many people feel can be a waste of resources. Blogging does take some time and consideration; however, when utilised, it can be a very powerful tool that will bring many benefits to […]

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How to grow your Non-profit

How to grow your nonprofit

Taking the plunge and starting up a Non-profit is often a stressful time. It is likely to be a massive self-learning experience requiring your involvement in lots of new areas in order to grow this new operation into a thriving operation. Making an initial impact from point zero can be […]

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How to acquire new donors as a Non-profit

computer with donate button

In my previous blogs, I have talked at some length about how best to maintain and engage effectively with your donors, but as we know, the greatest challenge and the most difficult task is acquiring new donors. Like many Non-profit organisations, we all wish at some point that there was […]

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5 Ways to engage your donors

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You won’t need me to tell you that getting donors to freely give to your non-profit is extremely challenging. To engage donors and get their support always involves a lot of preparation and data analysis to get across your aims and ambitions. If that is not challenging enough, persuading your […]

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