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The Complete Resource Guide for Non-profits

If you run a Non-profit, then you don’t need us to tell you that the purse strings are tight! This is why we have put together a blog filled with other organisations that help Non-profits with their day to day operations. This includes anything from HR to payroll! So we […]

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5 LinkedIn Groups Every Non-profit Professional Should Join

You don’t need us to tell you that the community around Non-profits and philanthropy is vast! It’s a great community where people can share each other’s mission, knowledge, and stories.LinkedIn Groups have been a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who have the same passions and interests as ourselves.LinkedIn […]

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5 Tips to Manage Your Remote Team Successfully

Image of remote team working

Remote working in 2021 has become the “new norm” for many of us. However, for managers, the concept of managing their remote teams still brings the usual challenges, but also new challenges especially as the Covid crisis continues to deepen. You may have all the experience in the world working […]

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How Mantle Software Can Help Your Team During Lockdown #3

After Christmas, the Government announced that a third nationwide lockdown would take place from the 26th December. As a Non-profit, it’s absolutely vital that you and your teams continue to maintain your service delivery during these challenging times for the benefit of all your key stakeholders. Working from home has […]

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Mantle and Surviving Economic Abuse: #SEAsteps Campaign

At Mantle, we’re all about software and harnessing its power to help organisations to achieve their mission. With our recent CRM Software, ‘Mantle’, making waves in the Non-profit community, we wanted to continue our mission to help Non-profits make an impact. The Cause​ We recently partnered with ‘SEA’ (Surviving Economic […]

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8 Ways to Save Money as a Non-profit

person with megaphone

As a Non-profit, every penny of your budget has to count. The pressure is high, the environment is tough, and now more than ever organisations are looking to save more money. So whether you’re trying to save some of your budget, or just looking for ways to effectively lower your […]

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How to Host A Virtual Event – 7 Tips from Mantle

A lady hosting an event with her laptop

1. Make it relevant​ There are many other businesses hosting virtual events during this time, so you need to make sure that your event is relevant and that it grabs your audience’s attention. During your event, although it may already be evident, acknowledging the current climate we are in is […]

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4 Ways you can amplify your reach

Amplify your reach icon, person with megaphone

Spreading the message of your Non-profit organisation is the key to making an impact. We’ve put together some tips that you can do to amplify your reach as a Non-profit organisation. Using Your Web Presence to Recruit Volunteers: With many facing financial hardship and redundancies, a fair few people are […]

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