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Tackling inactivity by embracing software.

We're helping to bring the Active Partnership e-Convention to your home with our free e-workshop sessions available to all Active Partnerships during April and May. Sign up today to explore with us the approach you could take and the immense positives that adopting software can bring to your organisation.

Built for Active Partnerships with endless customisation possibilities.

We worked closely with Active Suffolk and Active Essex to get an understanding of the way Active Partnerships work. What that told us, was that each organisation is different and works in their own way, despite sharing common priorities and objectives.

With this in mind, we built Mantle to be highly customisable, as standard, but we went one further and built it to be API driven. What this means is that it is fast and effective for us to deliver new features across any platform, and allows us to integrate with third party services providing that we can obtain access.

By joining the Active Partnerships already using Mantle, you are investing in a platform that will pay you, your funders, and your network back as you reap the benefits of becoming more aware of everything that’s happening in your organisation and the impact you are creating.

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Designed and developed
in collaboration with

Active Essex Active Suffolk

Mantle has become the source of all of our organisation’s information. This is useful as everything is now in the same format, and it’s always available to access no matter what device or network we are on.

Andrew Crowe

Development Officer, Active Suffolk

Boost your impact.

Designed and developed
in collaboration with

Active Essex Active Suffolk

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