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Mantle provides a wealth of information, giving you the tools to analyse the impact your organisation is having in all your key areas of focus.

Take the journey and discover how Mantle is helping our customers improve their communication, demonstrate their impact and provide a narrative to their results...

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Screenshot showing Log Activity feature

Log your activity.

Mantle provides a platform to record your meetings, phone calls, emails, events and social interactions.

Record all of your important interactions, from your desktop or on the go, from anywhere on the app. This information is automatically shared with your project team, or colleagues who regularly interact with the same contact or organisation.

Schedule your meetings in advance and share them with your colleagues. Mantle will automatically prompt you to record the outcomes to keep your teammates in the loop. You can also notify colleagues that you've met with a particular prospect or customer so they can take the next steps.

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Screenshot showing Record Outcomes feature

Record and quantify your outcomes.

Mantle’s outcome feature allows you to apply a metric of how successful your team’s activities have been, in terms of your priorities.

The metric is determined by you, a customisable series of contextual statements which generate a score. This system is designed to remove the pressure employees can sometimes feel when being asked to truthfully record their results, because it’s important to understand when things haven’t been successful.

Link activities to the resulting outcome, allowing you to quantify how much effort went into achieving the result. Visualize and understand how a sequence of events led to an outcome, and understand the most productive route to your goals.

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Screenshot showing Connect your Workforce feature

Connect your workforce.

Include your colleagues and collaborators in the conversation seamlessly.

Mantle was created with organisations which were facing communication problems first hand. It has been intelligently designed to create awareness between colleagues of each other’s movements, plans and interactions.

Create teams, add link key relationship holders to both contacts and organisations to automatically feed progress and updates to the relevant members of your syndicate. Share announcements globally, or with a specific set of individuals.

Mantle gives you the tools to avoid those embarrassing moments where you may pursue a prospect only to find out you are already working with them. Or the times when your meetings may end up double-booked, agendas are duplicated or repeated to the same attendees. Mantle keeps everyone on the same page, as you work toward a common goal.

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Screenshot showing Visualise your network feature

Visualise your network.

Manage your network and link them to your project work and strategic aims, so that all activity is logged appropriately.

Whether you’re compiling a report for a stakeholder, or on the way to meet a contact, quickly navigate to their profile and instantly see all information specific to them. All activity logged on a project which the contact is involved in will be displayed on the activity feed on the contact’s page within the system. The activity feed for an organisation will include a log of all interactions with their employees and any updates on projects the organisation is associated with. This enables you to view an instant snapshot of activity within your network.

Create new contacts and organisations quickly and easily to share the new connections you’re making. Grow their profile as your relationship with them develops, link them to strategic priorities and record their personal objectives. Building an instant picture for your teammates to find out how to contact them, your history of interactions, and what type of projects they’re interested in endorsing or collaborating on.

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Screenshot showing Priority tracking and Data Tagging feature

Priority tracking and data tagging.

The real core power of Mantle derives from its ability to provide you with contextual analysis of all of your activities.

As an organisation, you can keep a track of your priorities and objectives, with a hierarchy of importance. Similarly, each organisation and project within your network can be allocated priorities and objectives. When logging activities and outcomes, you can assign the priorities the activity was related to with a contextual statement outlining how successful/positive the interaction was towards your goals.

In addition to this, Mantle provides a highly customisable ‘tagging’ feature. This allows you to manage your information according to what’s important to you. Your tags might include the types of activity an organisation engages in, a set of demographics you work with, or it might include all of the local authorities your projects/organisations fall under. It may simply be a set of age ranges so that you can identify the different groups of people you have been working with on a project, a group of projects or as a whole in the past year.

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Screenshot showing Intelligent Data Analysis feature

Intelligent data analysis.

Mantle enables you to generate a wealth of information regarding the impact your organisation is creating.

Our intelligent reporting tool allows you to create regular and highly customised reports for use in creating case studies, end of year reports, or just simply to identify the impact you are having for a specific demographic, in a specific region or during a specific period. Our reporting tool is flexible enough to allow you to understand your data at a high level or with as much granularity as you require.

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Mantle provides an analytical insight into your business operations and network relationships.

Screenshot showing Analytical features

A global meeting and events feed is featured on the dashboard of every user, giving clear visibility, helping to avoid clashing events.

If you are collaborating with a team of people, this tool is invaluable. This way, all members of a team know when each member is busy and when important events are coming up. It can be filtered down to your own personal events to allow you to focus on your own diary.

Mantle features a tool to set a target contact frequency on your important contacts, alerting you when you may want to catch-up or check-in.

It provides your team with the ability to keep up with key relationship holders through the use of reminders to contact organisations based on their predefined contact frequency. Maintain your most important relationships, no matter how busy your schedule.

More features...

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Task Management

Use a task list to breakdown your workload into manageable steps. Assign your tasks an owner so that the responsibilities are clear to all.

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Custom Theme

We understand a cultural buy-in is crucial when trying to bed-in a new system. We can develop a theme in your organisation's brand colors to help make it your own.

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Create Teams

Create teams based on department, involvement, or structure it in whichever way works best for you.

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Mantle is accessible on any device, so you can find and access activity relating to your projects and network whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

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