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Who is Mantle for?

Relationship Manager

Being able to quickly identify all activities relating to my stakeholders' interests is invaluable.

My role is to build relationships with our stakeholders, delivery partners and the communities we serve on an ongoing basis.

Being able to catch up with everything that’s happened in projects and the conversation history with stakeholders ahead of meetings is critical to building rapport, ideas generation and the perception of me in my role.

Without a centralised communication feed of our team's activity I would still be turning up to meetings unaware that my colleagues had already begun the conversation and try to play catch up.

By using Mantle I can see the history of interactions between my colleagues and the individuals/organisations we engage with. I can find out their interests, the projects they’ve funded or helped to deliver and what they really care about, on the go, instantly.

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Operations Director

Sharing information within our team and reporting back to funding partners is critical to maintaining our continued sponsorship.

My role is to build and maintain key relationships with our stakeholders while ensuring our teams activity is productive and adheres to our wider strategic priorities.

Traditional CRMs have never catered for our goals, this led to each member of our team recording their information using their own preferred methods. Information was not being communicated effectively, reporting was a real challenge and outcomes were not recorded or shared across the team.

Mantle enables our team to quickly record activity and outcomes against our projects and stakeholders on-the-go. Key results are linked to our internal strategic focus and the priorities of our network - making it easy to extract and demonstrate our impact in the areas our funding partners care about the most.

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Marketing Executive

Identifying appropriate examples to feature in our case studies by filtering outcomes is a real lifesaver.

One of my most important tasks is to create social media posts and case studies to demonstrate to our stakeholders and partners how the activity of our organisation relates to their strategic aims and interests.

Finding cases which carry a genuine connection to a strategy was a slow process, trailing email threads and calendars to identify a meaningful outcome or an appropriate event to showcase was more than laborious. The nature of our team’s roles meant they were rarely in the office to schedule meetings at short notice.

Since using Mantle, I can easily filter events to identify activities which made an impact on a strategy or were linked to a certain demographic, geographical area or other area of focus.

Mantle is solving real problems.

What can Mantle do for you?

A Hub For Your Activity

Record the impact specific business activity has on your network and share insight with collaborators outside of your organisation.

Log the important conversations you’re having with your network, plan key events and share your meetings globally to bring your team together.

Mantle automatically links your activity to your priorities by association with projects and organisations, and you can also manually link activity to specific priorities.

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Track Your Progress

The collection of activity and outcome logging enables your workforce to observe real-time project progress as well as monitor your priorities and objectives.

This enables you to make better decisions, based on complete and actual information. Mantle gives you the tools to demonstrate how your operations are impacting your stakeholders' priorities.

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Fluid Communication

Connect your workforce by seamlessly sharing your activity and information with your team members. Create your own project teams and visualize information flowing through the feeds of contacts, organisations and projects connected through a tailored network.

Get alerts to remind you to touch base with key contacts within your network and maintain important relationships.

Keep up with conversations happening within your circle through your personalised activity feed.

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Built Around You

Mantle features a customisable and highly personalised tagging framework to model and link data that is important to you.

This personalisation extends to a dashboard tailored to each team member, providing an instant view of all activity relevant to them and features which allow you to access information about your network quickly and efficiently. We’ll even let you pick your own theme to make it personal to your organisation.

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Gain Valuable Insight

Mantle will help you to visualise the impact your activity has on specific priorities within your network, strengthening your operational relationships.

Monitor delivery partner activity and identify which of your relationships are delivering the best results. Improve project management, with valuable insights into your business operations leading to a better understanding of the best route to achieve your goals.

Envisage how a sequence of activity can lead to specific outcomes and act upon this valuable information to improve your operations.

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Powerful Reporting

Mantles intelligent analytics and reporting quantifies your efforts and results, measuring success based on your objectives and the priorities of your network.

Identify areas of impact to demonstrate to higher bodies how a correlation of events help you meet wider strategic aims.

Save time spent gathering information and extract exactly what you want to know by filtering specific data using your personalised tagging framework.

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Streamline your business operations and connect your workforce by giving them the tools and intelligence to make better decisions based on complete and actual information. Get in touch to arrange a demo.

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